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Loving Care for Your Furry Family

Avalon Home Pet Care Services is committed to supporting pet owners in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition to our pet sitting services, we also care for your home and property while you're away.

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Completely Customizable

As fellow animal enthusiasts, we understand that all pets have completely unique personalities. Therefore, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to pet care. We believe in customizing our services to meet the needs of you and your pets. First, we'll speak with you to discuss exactly what you want from a pet sitter. Next, we assign a sitter who is ideally suited to accomplish your specific request.

At your earliest convenience, we arrange a meeting between you and the sitter, during which you and your pets can get to know him or her. If you approve of the sitter, he or she will be the only sitter assigned to your home. Please note that in the case of an emergency, Avalon management will fill in if something happens to your assigned sitter. If this happens, you will be notified immediately.

Pet Sitting

Dogs and cats become stressed when their daily life is interrupted by traveling long hours or living in an unfamiliar place with unknown animals. It's a fact that when pets are stressed, their immune systems lower, making them more susceptible to illness and disease. Even the cleanest boarding service can't always stop kennel cough or recognize a contagious animal if they are not yet exhibiting symptoms. Hiring an in-home pet sitting company solves this problem completely! Your pets are allowed to stay at home where they feel safe, healthy, and relaxed. Our pet sitters will:

• Maintain Your Pet's Diet and Daily Routine • Administer Any Needed Medications
• Give Your Cats Play Time and Exercise • Clean Litter Boxes
• Walk Your Dogs or Play with Them in the Yard • Give Treats
• Keep Water Dishes Filled • Show Lots of Love and Affection

Caring for Your Home

In addition to keeping your pets happy, a professional, in-home pet sitter is able to keep your home and property secure. A boarding kennel simply cannot offer this perk. You won't have to bother your friends and family by asking them to take on a task they might not be comfortable with. Avalon gives you peace of mind knowing that both your property and your furry babies are safe. Depend on us to:

• Water Your Plants and Yard • Bring in the Mail and Newspaper
• Take Your Trash Bins to the Curb and Back on Trash Day • Alternate Indoor and Outdoor Lights
• Ensure Your Home is Locked and Secure

Dog Walking

At Avalon, our services are not just for people travelling out of town. We understand that you have a busy schedule and don't always have time during the workday to get home to walk your pets, take them outside to do their business, and give them their medications. For many people, this means that they have to rush home after work before pets make a mess. Wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to rush home and could instead run errands or meet up with friends? We're here to help. Our dog walking services keep your pets happy and healthy and save you valuable time. Trust our dog walkers to:

• Go for a 20-Minute Walk • Take Your Pets for a Potty Break
• Fill Water Dishes • Give Medications
• Ensure Your Home is Safe and Secure